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Undercounter Refrigeration Options for your Kitchen

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When it comes time to plan your new kitchen or the remodel of your existing kitchen, consider undercounter refrigeration as a part of your plans and designs. From undercounter refrigerators, to wine coolers, and ice makers, there some great options to consider adding to your plans that offer style, convenience, and luxury. Here we will outline and detail the benefits and features of undercounter refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers in order for you to make a more educated appliance purchase decision.

Undercounter Refrigerators: An undercounter refrigerator is simply a small refrigerator that fits underneath your counter top and functions just as a regular refrigerator. It gives you the added convenience of additional refrigerated storage to store your favorite fruits, vegetables, and beverages. Undercounter refrigerators, also know as beverage centers, come in two main sizes, 15″ and a standard size of 24″. Of the two sizes, the 24″ model is the more common application for most kitchens and bar settings in that the width of the unit is the same size as a standard cabinet. That means that adding a 24″ undercounter refrigerator to your kitchen design plans is an easy replacement for a standard cabinet. Undercounter refrigerators come in 3 main styles including standard solid door, glass door, and a two drawer model. The standard solid door is available in your traditional white, black, and stainless. Unique undercounter options include custom colors, panel ready, and overlay. Not familiar with panel ready or overlay? These are applications that allow you to place your cabinet would panel faces on the front of your refrigeration unit. Why would you want to do this? This is a popular and trendy look that allows a synonymous look of cabinets throughout your kitchen. This application hides your undercounter unit allowing it to appear as a cabinet. In adding a panel to your refrigerator you also then have the option to add your own handle to your unit. Handles can be matched to the existing hardware on your cabinets, you can add your own handle, or you can purchase a handle from most manufacturers to match the handles of your other appliances in your kitchen. Some manufacturers make undercounter models that have glass doors. The glass models are nice in that they allow you to see your beverages and food items directly. Glass models commonly feature either clear glass or tinted glass, and some do have panel options from some manufacturers. The two drawer option offers two separate refrigerated drawers. Each drawer is controlled by its own thermostat with its own temperature setting. This option really allows you to separate your food from your beverages. The same front panel options exist for the two drawer model similar to the standard unit, including white, black, stainless, glass, panel ready, and overlay.



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Save Energy, Save Money, Save Big on Sept. 24th!

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Haven’t you heard the word? The Illinois Energy Star Rebate Program is back! This Friday, September 24th, at 8 am you will have your chance once again to Save Big on a New Energy Star Appliances for your home.

How exactly does this work you ask? Currently there is $3 million in federal funding available to support this final installment of the Energy Star Rebate Program. All customers and consumers that are going to replace an existing appliance with a New Energy Star Qualified Appliance qualify for this promotion. On the day of the Sale, customers will receive a 15% instant discount, up to $250 per appliance, per category (refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, washer). The discount is limited to 1 piece per household per category. The rebates are first come, first serve. They are not available online, there is no pre-selling, and will only be available at the point of sale. Also, each customer must sign a copy of the program Terms and Conditions before receiving their rebate. This signature indicates that he or she accepts these Terms & Conditions and certifies this appliance purchase replaces an existing appliance, which will be properly hauled away. Read more…

Shop Big Box or Not, Independent Appliance Dealer Experience is Best

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Have you shopped for a Major Appliance before at a Big Box Store? What was your experience? Dissatisfying, Impersonable, Confusing, all of the above? You don’t say! That seems to be the norm when an educated appliance customer, like yourself, shops for an appliance at a Big Box Retail Store. You leave the store confused, dissatisfied, and frustrated. Why is that? 

Mainly because the experience at a Big Box Store is quite different from the experience at an Independent Appliance Dealer. Three main factors contribute to the difference in experience, 1) Customer Service, 2) Appliance Selection 3) Sales Professionals.

It’s true, an Independent Appliance Dealer offers and provides a different level of Service than a Big Box Store. At a Big Box Store, the Appliance section is always empty, it’s impossible to find a Sales Associates, you can never get your question answered, and purchase is more of a hassle than it should be. Why fight the struggle? The experience and service at an Independent Appliance Retailer like Plass Appliance is quite different. Our Sales Associates are always available and ready to answer any Appliance question you may have, assist you with your Appliance purchase, and make your overall shopping experience a memorable one. At Plass, we pride ourselves in our Customer Service and stand behind out motto, “It’s a Much Better Experience!” We enjoy creating lasting business relationships with our customers, taking an interest in their appliance purchase, and seeing through their satisfaction with their appliance decision for their home. Read more…

Hey Diddle, Diddle, The Grill and The Griddle, which is the right one for you?

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Does this nursery rhyme ring a bell? Probably not,  because the original version goes quite differently. But if you’re in the market for a new Professional Range or Rangetop you may be signing this tune all the way to the Appliance Showroom. Reason being? When shopping for a Professional Range and/or Rangetop you have a big decision to make with regards to your burner configuration. Be it a 36″, 48″, or a 60″ Range or Rangetop, there are certain options with various manufacturers that offer built-in Grills, Griddles, a combination of both a Grill and Griddle.  Here we will discuss the options available to better assist you in your decision-making as you near closer to that important purchase.

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Measurements Matter, Especially with Home and Kitchen Appliances

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Wait, stop a minute, before you head off to shop for your new appliances, get out your tape measure and take your measurements. Measure your existing appliance and your appliance opening before you run out that door. These measurements are more important than you think and not having them at the appliance store with you, will leave you ill-prepared to make a decision. Here are some key measurements to consider for three free-standing appliances you may have in your home; refrigerators, ranges,  and laundry machines.

Refrigerators: When you’re about to shop for a new refrigerator knowing your allowable height, width, and the depth are very important. Refrigerators are manufactured in many different sizes. From standard depth, to counter-depth, to built-ins knowing the measurements of your existing refrigerator and refrigerator opening will help in selecting your new model. First, measure your width from counter to counter, or counter to wall. For free-standing units, refrigerators most commonly come in standard widths of 30, 33, or 36 inches. For built-ins, refrigerators can vary from 36, to 42, to 48 inches wide. Measure the height from the floor to the tip-top of the unit. If there’s a cabinet above the unit, take the measurement from the bottom of the floor to the bottom of that cabinet. Also, measure from the back wall to the front of the unit. Standard depth units run approximately 33 inches deep, counter depth units approximately 27 inches deep, and built-ins are built-ins, they’re flush with your cabinets, approximately 24 inches deep. Write your measurements down, study them, and do your research. Use these measurements to compare what units are currently available to your space requirements in order to narrow down your selection. This will prepare you better for when the time comes to visit the appliance store so you can select the right refrigerator for your home.  Read more…

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