10 Helpful Home Appliance Tips

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]At one point or another, we could always use a helpful tip or two, especially when it comes to our Home Appliances. Here are 10 Helpful Home Appliance Tips for you to use to improve the efficiency of your appliances and your home, while lessening your workload around the house.

1. Always be sure to clean the Dryer filter after every use. This will allow the dryer to breathe better which will in turn allow your clothes to dryer faster.

2. Washing your clothes in cold water saves on energy and lowers your utility bills. Cold water also works best to lift out tough stains on treated pre-treated clothes.

3. To keep your Dishwasher running smoothly and working longer, run the Dishwasher once a week even if there are no dishes to be done.

4. Many Refrigerators have open coils at the back of unit. Clean these coils early and often, at a minimum every six weeks. If you have pets, like dogs that shed, you’ll want to clean the coils more often. This will allow the Refrigerator to breathe better and prolong the life span of the unit.

5. Don’t overload the Washing Machine expecting to get more done in less time. It actually makes the Washer work harder and leaves your clothes less clean.

6. When purchasing a Freezer, think non-defrosting first. Not only are they less expensive, but they will keep food better, allow food to last longer, lessen the frost bite on your food, and they use less electricity.

7. Keep your Garbage Disposal clean and the blades sharp by running 30 to 40 ice cubes down the disposal while running water. Doing this once a week will give you best results.

8. Have an odor in your Refrigerator? Put a bowl in the Refrigerator and Freezer section filled with either coffee grounds, charcoal briquettes, or good old baking soda. 

9. Replace your current Home Appliances with New Energy Star models. New Energy Star models will run more efficiently saving you money on your energy bills and reduce green house gases which helps benefit the environment.  

10. When purchasing new Home Appliances, do your homework. Research and learn about the various types of Appliances available. Choose Appliances that will best meet your Cooking, Food Storage, and Cleaning needs in your home.

We hope you found these tips helpful and were able to take something away. A small change can make a big difference in improving the functionality of your appliances, as well as the efficiency of your home. 

Do you have Helpful Home Appliance Tips that have helped you and your family or improved your lifestyle? Feel free to share them with us here!

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