5 Fantastic Features of Front Loading Washers and Dryers

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According to the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science the average person washes approximately $3,000 worth of clothing each week. That’s an expensive week of laundry! To protect and care for your clothes you want to make an investment in a quality Laundry pair. Preferably one that is going to keep your clothes looking like new, but will also have the features that will work best for you and your family. Here are 5 fantastic features to take note of on Front Load Laundry Pairs that you will make your life with laundry a little easier.

Smart Dispense: With a traditional top load washer upon each wash cycle you have to add detergent to the laundry load. Well that’s not the case with some of today’s Front Load washers. Simply pour your detergent into the detergent compartment of the washer and the washer handles the rest. For example, the Whirlpool Duet WFW97HEXL Front Load Washer boasts Precision Dispense Ultra technology which holds up to 36 loads of detergent without refilling. It will dispense the detergent automatically during the wash cycle at the optimal wash time.  Load the clothes, pick your cycle, and the rest is taken care of. No adding detergent, and no refilling necessary.

Steam Cycles:  Steam technology offers a new way to care for your clothes and laundry. Steam cycles use the penetrating power of steam to boost temperatures and optimize performance. Steam allows for a gentle deep clean of your clothes for whiter whites, better stain removal, and less wrinkles. Steam is also a feature that you’ll find not only in washers but in dryers too. Steam within the dryer removes the wrinkles while also freshening the clothes. This Electrolux Front Load Washer EWFLS70JTS and Dryer EWMGD70JTS are an excellent pair to consider that features Perfect Steam technology in both the Washer and Dryer for your added convenience.

Delay Start: A delay start is a nice feature for those of you that are constantly on the move. Simple premise behind this feature but a nifty one at that. Set the washer when for a later start time, and the washer will begin its cycle accordingly. Perfect example, heading out for a day with friends and family, set the washing machine to start a half hour before you plan to arrive home and your clothes will be freshly washed waiting for you. No more coming home to find your clothes washed and wrinkled in the bottom of the washer. The Frigidaire Affinity Series FAFS4474LA Front Load Washer has a nice delay start feature that allows for a delay from 1 to 14 hours. That’s a nice window of time that can come in handy in your home.

Moisture Sensors: Moisture sensing technology is not new but it is an added feature on Front Load Dryers worth mentioning. Moisture sensory on clothes dryers is an important feature because it prevents over drying. The sensors built into the dryer are able to detect the amount of moisture within the clothes during the dry cycle. If the sensor detect that there is little to no moisture within the clothes, then the dryer will shut off and stop the cycle determining that the clothes are indeed dry. The Maytag MGDE200XW Clothes Dryer is a quality dryer that features moisture sensors which be an added benefit to lessening your dry time.

Stay Fresh: The example we used for the delay start about coming home to washed wrinkled clothes at the bottom of the washer fits well here too. All of us, one time or another, have run a load of laundry in the washing machine and then forgotten about it only to come back and find it finished, wet, and been sitting there for longer than necessary. Depending on how long it’s been, you’ll either throw the clothes in the dryer and remember for next time, or they’ve been sitting so long that you’ll actually have to re-wash them. Remember the Whirlpool Duet WFW97HEXL we mentioned above with the smart dispense feature? Well that same washer (shown below in Cranberry color) has another nice feature called FanFresh. FanFresh runs off of Dynamic Venting Technology which keeps your clothes fresh for up to 16 hours. Accidentally forget about your clothes and this washing machine has your back keeping your clothes fresh and buying you some extra time.

Front Load Washers and Dryers have a lot of fantastic features. These are just 5 that we feel are really worth highlighting and mentioning. They each serve their own purpose but all add extra convenience to the task of doing laundry. Credit the appliance manufacturers and engineers for continuing to introduce new technology and features that make laundry easier and more efficient. Have a favorite feature that we didn’t mention here? Comment below and we’ll consider it for one of our future blog posts.

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