3 Great Laundry Buying Guides to Use to Make the Best Buying Decision

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Buying the right Laundry for your home and family can be a difficult decision. Should you choose Top Loads, Front Loads, or a Stackable Unit? How do you know which is the machine and the right set up for your situation. Thankfully you are not alone and there are several tools out there to assist you and help guide you down the right path. Here are 3 Great Laundry Buying Guides we recommend you use in order to make the best buying decision.

The Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science is an incredible site all about Laundry. From Ironing Tips, Fabric Care Advice, to Stain Assist Removal Guidelines the WIFS covers Laundry like a blanket. The most important information on the site that you should use to help you make the right Laundry decision is their Laundry Buying Guide. Whirlpool is well-known for manufacturing reliable Front Load and Top Load washing and drying machines. Within their Guide, they describe the features and benefits of Front Loaders and Top Loaders as well as dive into their existing Laundry lines in greater detail. The info provided will help you understand how the Cabrio Fabric Care System works as well as what makes the Duet High Efficiency Fabric Care System one of the finest Front Load Machines in the industry. From color options to custom Laundry options, this guide has it all and will provide you with a better understanding of what you should be looking for. Definitely give the WIFS Laundry Buying Guide a gander to assist you in making your Laundry purchase decision.

Frigidaire is a Top Laundry Appliance manufacturer that has a Laundry Buying Guide worth reading and reviewing before you make your purchase decision. Frigidaire manufactures both Top Load and Front Load Laundry pairs and within their Buying Guide, they describe the features of both. The tips provided give you a high level understanding and explanation of the functions and capabilities of their Laundry machines. The nice inclusion within their Buying Guide is the Installation Options that they provide. From side by side, to stacking, to pedestals, there are different options and configurations available. Frigidaire can help you figure out which is best in order to accommodate your personal space and situations. Take a look at this Frigidaire Laundry Buying Guide in order to learn a few tips on how to choose the best Washer and Dryer for your home.

Maytag has always been a household name when it comes to Laundry for the home. From the early Top Load machines to the present day High Efficiency Maytag Washers and Dyers, Maytag knows Laundry. This Maytag Laundry Buying Guide is actually in a PDF format, which is great cause it allows you to print it out, study it, and even take it with you during your shopping experience. Within their Buying Guide they take the time to introduce and summarize the 3 types of current Laundry machines that they carry which includes: High Efficiency Front Loads, High Efficiency Top Loads, and Traditional Top Loads. Within each of these machine categories they lay out specific benefits, size calculations, configurations, and usage requirements for you to understand. After understanding the types, they discuss color options and accessories, as well as give an overview on a little section called “Know What Counts”. They explain how important it is for you to really understand exactly what it is that you’re paying for in a New Laundry Pair. Don’t shy away from this Laundry Buying Guide here from Maytag as you should make it a priority to read this before making your Laundry purchase decision.

Washers and Dryers are all a little bit different. Some have very unique and distinguishable features that fit very specific lifestyles and needs. It’s important to best understand what your own wants, needs, likes, and dislikes are before you throw all your clothes in the wash. Take your time, do your homework and reasearch, and most importantly ask questions. Use these Laundry Buying Guides that we’ve mentioned and recommended here for what they are, Guides. They will help you begin the process and get a head start as you move towards buying a new Laundry Pair for your home and for your family. Are their other Buying Guides and/or tools that you know of, have used, or found helpful? Share them here and maybe we’ll include them in a follow-up blog post.


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