In The Wash: The 3 Biggest Stories You May Have Missed This Week in April

Welcome to another edition of In The Wash, where we feature the 3 biggest stories you may have missed this past week. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the Appliance. Electronics, and Furniture Industry this week. Top stories that really stood out and are featured this week include: Sharp launching a 70-inch LCD, Kitchen Aid earns Brand of the Year, and launching a re-designed website.

Sharp officially launched sales of their 70-inch class Quattron Full HD 1080p LCD TV

This week was a big week for Sharp Electronics as they launched sales of their first 70-inch LCD TV. This is the largest LCD TV of its kind that Sharp has ever launched. This new 70-inch model is currently being delivered to select retailers with plans for larger distribution in the coming weeks of April and May. So what’s the price tag on this monster? How does $3,800 sound? This introductory model is the first of four models that Sharp is going to release this year. Later this summer the company will add three more 70-inch step-up models, including units that add 240Hz refresh rates and a top-of-line model with active-shutter 3D capability. Sharp is at it again! Get your popcorn ready for the viewing party of this new incredible LCD TV. – This news story was posted on

Kitchen Aid named Brand of The Year for Small and Large Appliances by Harris Poll EquiTrend

Congratulations to Kitchen Aid for earning the prestigious award of Brand of the Year for both Small and Large Appliances from Harris Poll EquiTrend. Harris conducted a study on Small and Large Appliances that evaluated brand equity, consumer connection, commitment, brand behavior, brand advocacy, and trust. The results of the study provides a better understanding of a brand’s overall strength, determined by a calculation of familiarity, quality, and purchase consideration. Several of today’s top brands names were included in this study, and Kitchen Aid came out on top earning themselves the honors of being the consumer brand of choice for both Small and Large Appliances. Congrats Kitchen Aid! – This is news story was posted on

The National Kitchen and Bath Association website has a new look!

For those of you familiar with the old, you’ll love the new look, feel, and functionality of their new site. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals. The NKBA has a membership of nearly 40,000 members and is the proud owner of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). They launched a new look to their website in April. The new layout and site organization allow for professionals to see the latest designs, discover relevant courses, and find other resources for NKBA members. Not to mention, the site also makes it simple for homeowners who are thinking about a kitchen or bath remodel to find NKBA members in their local areas. Go click on and test drive the new website of National Kitchen and Bath Association. We guarantee you’ll like the site! – This news story was posted by the KBIS on

That wraps up this weeks edition of In The Wash! Those are the 3 big breaking stories that you may have missed that you can now share with your friends, co-workers, peers, and business partners. Have any tips or leads on upcoming stories that you believe would make a great feature for In The Wash? Leave a comment below with your contact information. Until next time friends.

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