Home Appliance Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Haven’t figured out what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day? Appliances make excellent gifts and are sure to please your Mom this Mother’s Day. Here are 3 Appliances that Mom would Like this Mother’s day.

Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer: If your Mom is still using that avocado green dishwasher from the 70’s that’s as loud as a dump truck with one wash arm, now might be the perfect time to surprise her this Mother’s Day with a New Double Dishdrawer Dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel. Two independent Energy Star approved Dishwasher Drawers that combined into one single dishwasher. For smaller wash loads, Mom can run one unit, for larger loads when the family is over, she can run both drawers at the same time. This model can hold up to 13 inch plates and has enough room to fit Mom’s favorite Wine stemware. This Dishdrawer will do the trick this Mothers Day and make Mom very pleased to have a new Dishwasher in the kitchen. Learn more on Fisher & Paykel’s website, www.fisherpaykel.com, about the features and benefits of the Dishdrawer, plus watch this Commercial to get a glimpse of how it works: http://youtu.be/M36a1sGJFno

Electrolux Steam Laundry: Is Mom sick of her old Laundry? Are the Washer and Dryer on their last leg? Well treat her to a new Steam Laundry Pair from Electrolux. It only takes 36 minutes to wash and dry clothes with the New Laundry Collection from Electrolux. That’s right, 36 minutes! 18 minutes to wash, and 18 minutes to dry, and the Laundry is done! Steam is a new feature in this Laundry pair which Mom is sure to love. Featured in both the Washer and the Dryer, selecting the Steam feature will help remove wrinkles and freshen clothes at the same time. Also worth noting, the capacity on both these machines is sure to please Mom as they are the largest capacity in the industry with 5.1 cu.ft. in the Washer and 8.0 cu.ft. in the Dryer. That’s large enough to wash and dry most of those large loads that may take Mom three or four trips. Learn more about why this Laundry pair would be perfect for Mom on Mother’s Day at www.electroluxappliances.com, plus see this pair in action during this Electrolux Commercial: http://youtu.be/cGqKoCMnNUk

Bosch Induction Cooktop: Is Mom still cooking on that same old cooktop? You know, the old electic coil top or that gas cooktop with the what used to be silver drip pans she just can’t seem to get clean? Well it’s time to upgrade Mom’s cooking surface in the Kitchen and set her up with a new Bosch Induction Cooktop. Induction tops are clean, efficient, and fast. Induction cooktops, like this Bosch model, only waste 10-15% of the energy expended. That’s a significant energy savings which outshines current gas and electric cooktops. This model also has a much faster heat-up time with the ability to heat-up water two times faster than any ceramic model. Plus, temperatures on the Induction Tops are very consistent and accurate and with built-in Auto-Cook features in this Bosch model, you pan will reach the perfect temperature for the dish that you are cooking without wasting energy. Go ahead and heat up things for Mom in the kitchen this Mother’s day with an New Bosch Induction Cooktop. Learn more about how Induction cooking on Bosch’s website, www.boschappliances.com, plus watch the Induction in action here on Bosch’s YouTube page: http://youtu.be/uN1l1a_lp3o

Mom deserves the best this Mother’s Day so do it right and get her a gift she’s sure to use, remember, and appreciate. She’ll be sure to love a New Fisher & Paykel Double Dishdrawer, a New Electrolux Steam Laundry Pair, or a New Bosch Induction Cooktop. Figure out what Mom’s needs are in the kitchen and surprise her with New Kitchen Appliances. Have you ever given your Mom a new Appliance for Mother’s Day? If so, we’d love to hear what you gave her and how much she liked or loved it. Share with us here or comment on our Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/PlassFacebook

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