4 Creative and Fun Facebook Promotions by Top Appliance Brands


Are you on Facebook? Odds are, you have a profile and are one of the 750 million plus users on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, do you follow many Appliance Brands? If not, you should, as there many Appliance Brands running fun and creative promotions. Some of which offer deals and specials, others are sweepstakes and contests, and some are just creative social marketing campaigns. Here are 4 of our favorite fun and creative Facebook Promotions by some of today’s Top Appliance Brands.

Dacor Outdoor Grill Giveaway: Dacor has great Outdoor Grill Promotion going on right now on their Facebook page, Facebook.com/Dacor, in which they are giving away an Epicure 52″ Built-In Outdoor Grill. How do you enter to win this great Grill you ask? First, you must be a Follower of Dacor on Twitter and you must Like Dacor on Facebook. After wards you have the option to enter the giveaway using either your Twitter or Facebook account. Choose to use Twitter, and simply click on the Twitter “Tweet” icon on the Dacor Facebook giveaway tab. A message about the Epicure 52″ Built-In Outdoor Grill sweepstakes will appear. Tweet this message by clicking on the “Tweet” button, and you’re automatically entered. To use Facebook, simply click on the Facebook “Attend Event” icon on the giveaway tab. A window will appear that allows you to register for our Epicure 52″ Built-In Outdoor Grill event. elect “Attending” for the event, and you’re automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Selecting “Maybe Attending” or “Not Attending” will not qualify you. Give this promotion a go and enter to win today! You could be the winner of a brand new Dacor Epicure 52″ Built-In Grill.

GE Sock L.O.S.S: Have you ever lost a sock? We all have. In fact, we’ve all probably lost more than a sock or two in our lifetime. Well GE Appliances has recognized that and come up with a creative campaign to support sock loss called Sock L.O.S.S which stands for “Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society.” This campaign is a big part of their Facebook page, Facebook.com/GEAppliances.  that GE has put together which they promote on their Facebook page. Within the tab, you’ll find fun videos about sock loss and the recent information about how and why more socks are vanishing each year. See one of the videos created and hosted on the GE Facebook page where Sock Loss Protestors hit the Streets. Afterwards do your part and join the Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society today and help spread the word to your friends and family on what they can do to help put an end to sock loss.

Maytag Faces of Dependability: Do you know someone who you feel is dependable? Well Maytag Appliances has created a cool application on their Facebook Page, Facebook.com/Maytag, in which you can nominate someone who you find dependable. Decide who you feel is a dependable person, write a little text about about something they do or something about them that makes them so dependable. Add their Facebook Profile to the Dependability gallery with the text that you’ve written and you can now notify your friend or family member that you thought of them as a Maytag Dependable Person. This is a great creative and fun Facebook promotional tab that really plays off of the dependability of the Maytag Brand. For years, Maytag has prided their brand on the dependability of their appliances and products. They now have given the option to their fans and friends to carry over that same brand message and nominate those that they feel are dependable people.  Drop by the Maytag Facebook page and add someone to the gallery and tell them who you feel is dependable.

Viking Special Offers: Viking Range has one of the most creative and promotional Facebook pages, Facebook.com/Viking. On the Viking page you’ll find a special tab called “Special Offers” in which Viking presents exclusive special offers to their fans. For instance, right now when you Like the Viking page and you’ll receive a $150 rebate on the purchase of any Viking major appliance. That’s just for being a fan! That’s an incredible promotion as well as savings. Plus, in addition to the $150 fan discount, Viking also offers other Appliance Rebates on some models of their Professional and Designer Appliance lines. If you’re a fan of Viking Range and their Appliances, but not yet a part of their online Social Community of Facebook, you need to Like their Facebook page in order to take advantage of the special offers and discounts they are giving to their fans.

Have you come across any other Facebook Promotions by Top Appliance Brands that you “Like.” Share them with us here as we’d love to hear what you’ve found. Perhaps we’ll even include it in one of our follow-up future blog posts.

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