BlueStar Range Factory on Hand Events this July

Do you love to cook? Do you know the benefits of cooking with a BlueStar Range? If not, have we got an event for you! Come join us at our Plass Appliance & Furniture Showroom in our Chicago Showroom on July 14th and in our Northbrook Showroom on July 19th to attend a special BlueStar Range in-house Event. We will have BlueStar Factory Expert Andy Hellmich Live in our Showrooms, from 4-7pm, to discuss the many features of Blue Star Ranges, the benefits of open burner cooking on the BlueStar SuperNova Burner, as well as answer any of your questions.

BlueStar Ranges were developed for people who love to cook. Some would say that no other gas range on the market offers the same level of cooking performance as a BlueStar Range. Founded in 1880, Prizer-Painter Inc. begin their venture into heating products  producing a full line of coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces and heating stoves. More than 120 years later, the Prizer Company introduced genuine restaurant ranges to the residential market, under the BlueStar name. Since then, BlueStar has become a household name and brand when it comes to residential and commercial cooking. They have well established a reputation for top quality products, high performance, and reliability that we in the Appliance Industry have come to know and respect. Early innovation and long-time experience from manufacturing early range models has translated into today’s success and provided BlueStar with the knowledge and know how to produce one of the most powerful and beautiful ranges on the market.

The SuperNova burner that Andy will be speaking about is one the most versatile burners in the industry. The SuperNova burner generates up 18,000 BTUs of cooking power. That’s a lot of heat and a lot of power! Along with the built-in power of the open burners, comes the added convenience of various cooking options on the range. Some of the great features that make a BlueStar Range so appealing to the home cook are the grill and griddle options, convection oven cooking, built-in infrared broiler, full motion grates, as well as the available option to add a raised griddle broiler. Invest in a BlueStar Range and you’ll find the broiling, baking, and surface cooking capacities and overall performance that professional chef’s desire.

Come join us tomorrow on the 14th and then next week on the 19th to learn all the benefits of BlueStar Ranges and Cooking Products. It’s our pleasure and privilege to have Factory Resident Expert Andy Hellmich live in both our Chicago and Northbrook Showrooms. Learn the many benefits of open burner cooking on the BlueStar Super Nova Burner, hear the history of BlueStar Ranges, as well as ask any questions you may have. Plus, be one of the first to see the brand new BlueStar Ranges that we’ve added to our Showroom floors. See you there!

Also, be sure to check out and ‘Like’ the BlueStar Facebook Page for even more events & info: – Tell ’em Plass Appliance & Furniture lead you to ‘Like’ their page!

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