10 Great Recipes to Get Your Grill On this Summer

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]It’s summer time and you know what that means, it’s grilling season! It’s time to get the grill out, fire up the burners, and get your grill on. At Plass, we’re always looking for new and exciting grilling recipes to share with our customers online and in our Showrooms. Today we’ve compiled 10 of our favorites and put them together for you to reference next time you’re ready to hit the grill.

Balsamic Chicken: Balsamic Vinegar is not just for Salad folks, it’s great for grilling too! Let’s get this grilling recipe party started with this tasty Balsamic Chicken recipe from @KitchenDaily. Not only is it delicious, it’s healthy too!

Texas Pork Ribs: This multiple prize-winning master recipe can be used on pork spareribs, country-style ribs, or pretty much any other type of pork rib. We found this rockin’ Texas rib recipe on @AllRecipes.

Grilled Smoked Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Glaze: Love this grilled smoked pork chop recipe from one of our Food Network favorites, @SunnyAnderson. Grilled pork chops alone are great, but add this sweet and sour glaze from Sunny and you’ve got yourself something special!

Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with Roasted-Pepper Salsa: What would a Top 10 great grillin’ recipe list be without a steak recipe. This recipe is unique because of its sweet and spicy salsa that you can rub all over your ribeye. This grilled rib-eye steak recipe is served up from our foodie friends at @Epicurious.

Throwdown’s Green Chile Cheeseburgers: When I think grilling, I naturally think burgers, don’t you? If you’re a fan of the @FoodNetwork perhaps you’ve seen Bobby Flay’s show Throwdown. In one episode he did a burger Throwdown where he busted out this green chile cheeseburger recipe which is out of this world delicious!

Grilled Shrimp with Oregano and Lemon: Alright, we’ve done chicken, we’ve done ribs, pork chops, steaks, and cheeseburgers, well our sixth recipe enters the seas of seafood. Shrimp are great on the great and this oregano and lemon sauce is an incredible pairing and compliment. Found this succulent grilled shrimp recipe on FoodandWine.com.

Grilled Mexican Corn: After you’ve nailed down your main dish, it’s time to think about sides. Corn on the cob is one of the best side dishes when cooked on the grill. This grilled mexican corn recipe from KitchenDaily.com is unique in that the corn is topped with mayonnaise, chili powder and Cotija cheese, a traditional Mexican preparation.

Grilled Peppers and Onions: Who better to get a grilling side from than @MarthaStewart! The perfect complement to any meat or seafood selection is peppers and onions. This grilled peppers and onions recipe served on skewers will be sure to be a hit at your house.

Gorgonzola-and-Walnut-Stuffed Apples: Yes, you can prepare dessert on the grill my friends. There are tons of tasty grilled dessert recipes that you can try for yourself including this gorgonzola and walnut stuffed apple recipe from BetterHomesandGardens.com. Sweet apples, a bit of gorgonzola, and mixed with walnuts, topped with honey and this dessert is sure to please. Also, see the brie and hazelnut stuffed apples recipe on the same page.

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Sugar Butter: This is our tenth and final recipe for you to try while you get your grill on this summer. It’s from the same chef that brought you the green chile cheeseburger above, chef @bflay. Bobby Flay is known as the grill-master of the Food Network and this grilled peaches recipe with cinnamon sugar butter will make your mouth water. A little butter, sugar, pinch of salt, and some ripe peaches and this easy grilling recipes is a nice closer to an already great meal.

Hope that these 10 great grilling recipes help you get your grill on this summer. If you happen to try any of these out, do let us know what you thought and how they turned out. And as always, feel free to comment below and share your favorite grilling recipes with us. We’ll possibly include them in a follow-up post.

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