8 Dishwasher Tips for Cleaner Dishes

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Do you ever run the dishwasher only to find at the end of the cycle your dishes are still dirty? If this sounds like you, listen up. Cleaner dishes are on the horizon my friend. Here are 8 helpful Dishwasher tips that you can try to implement in order to ensure those dishes come out of your dishwasher squeaky clean.

Don’t Overload: Rule #1 in all households that own a dishwasher should be, “Do Not Overload the Dishwasher!” I’m sure you think that you can fit that last dish, bowl, or even fork in the dishwasher, but don’t. Leave it out and save it for the next load, or better yet wash that last one by hand. Overloading the dishwasher is a no-no. The more dishes that block the washer arms, the less chance they have to clean the dishes. Set a limit of how many dishes to load and stick to it.

Pre-Wash First: Pre-washing or soaking your dishes before you load them into the dishwasher can be a great help. You’ll read several posts saying not to, but cleaning your dishes can’t hurt. Scrape off any leftover food or scraps from your plates. Especially any food that’s been dried-on or sitting for a while. Dishwasher today are extremely powerful but they can’t clear everything off of plates. Help yourself out by doing quick rinse of your dishes before you load them into the dishwasher and you won’t have to run them again.

Use Hot Water: Saving water and energy is important and we’re all for it, but we recommend that you use hot water when washing your dishes. The hotter the water the better the clean and the more sanitary the wash. Most all dishwashers are built to be energy savers and conserve water so don’t worry. Plus, using hot water helps activate the dish detergent which will assist in cleaning process.

Choose the Right Cycle: Based on your load size and what you’re washing, be sure to choose the right cycle. If you’re washing pots and pans, choose the pots and pans cycle or heavy wash. If you’re washing utensils and plastic containers, choose light wash or delicate. Choosing the appropriate cycle will best help clean the contents in the dishwasher. The right setting will ensure that the right water pressure, temperature, and cleaning pattern do the job needed to get your dishes clean.

Organize it: We mention don’t overload the dishwasher, but didn’t mention how key and important organization is. Put the right dishes, plates, cups, and utensils in the right spots. Put the cups on the upper rack in between the tines, and silverware in the silverware rack nice and neat, and align the plates in clear rows. By taking the time to organize your dishwasher rather than just throwing things in you have a better chance of coming out clean.

Use New Detergent: Whether its powder, liquid, or packets, only and always use new detergent when washing dishes. Old detergent won’t do the trick. This may seem like common sense, but it’s worth mentioning. Yes, your detergent can get stale and old. Only purchase enough detergent for what you will be able to go through in a two month period. Not only will you be saving yourself money but you’ll constantly have fresh detergent to get your dishes so fresh and so clean.

Use Rinse-Aid: A little rinse agent can go a long way. If you have a water softener in your home this tip doesn’t apply to you. Add a dab of Jet Dry to your dish load and your dishes will come out spotless. Don’t let hard water defeat you. Let rinse-aid come to the rescue and lend a helping hand.

Keep it clean: It’s very important to keep the inside of your dishwasher clean. Debris and deposits do build up over time and can hinder the performance of your dishwasher. Empty the food trap, clean the seals, and keep up with the maintenance. Add a cup of vinegar to your dishwasher and run a cycle. The vinegar will help wash away the grime, sanitize, and help to remove odors.

Do it right, or don’t do it at all. What’s the point of having a dishwasher if you’re not going to get the most out of it. Hope you find these 8 great dishwasher tips for cleaner dishes to your benefit. Put them to work today and share them with your friends and family. Have your own tips and tricks that you use? Leave a comment below about them! We’re always excited to hear feedback and share info!

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