4 Unique Panel Options for your New Built-In Refrigerator

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]So you’ve purchased a brand new Built-In Refrigerator and are looking to add your own Panels. Here are 4 unique Panel options for your brand new Built-In.

Custom Wood: Custom Wood Panels are by far the most popular panel choice when it comes to choosing to add panels to a built-in. Creating custom panels to match your cabinets gives your kitchen a seemless and clean  look. Given the specifications provided by the appliance manufacturer, your cabinet-maker can simply create custom panels that match your cabinet design and look. Take note that there are three different types of Refrigerator models that accept Custom Wood Panels; Framed, Overlay, and Flush Inset. Each provides a different look and feel which you’ll need to notate to your cabinet-maker in order for them to create panels the right size and shape. Framed models accept wood panels that will sit inside of the exterior stainless steel frame of the Refrigerator unit. Overlay panels adhere to the doors of the Refrigerator and will cover the entire front of the Refrigerator matching your cabinets. Flush Inset Panels will also adhere to the doors of the Refrigerator however the look of the panels will allow Refrigerator to hide amongst the cabinets creating a kitchen where the Refrigerator is undetectable. Once you figure out which front custom panels you need for your new Built-In work with your cabinet-maker and be sure to provide all specifications. Custom wood panels add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen and are certainly a nice touch to consider for your new Built-In Refrigerator. See the example below of a Framed Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerator featuring Custom Wood Panels that match the Kitchen Cabinets.

Painted Metal: Painted Metal you ask? That’s right. Not many people will have metal cabinets, as most have wood, but for those that
do they provide a unique option for your Built-In Refrigerator. Certainly we are all familiar with Stainless Steel, but what about Blue or Red, White, or even Yellow Metal Panels for your Refrigerator? Anything is possible when you pick your preference and make your own call as to how you want your kitchen to look and feel. There are upsides of metal cabinets, including the durability and the effect on the environment. Metal cabinets are durable and can withstand heavy punishment. The other plus is that in using Metal, your cabinets can be created from recycled content which doesn’t affect or harm the trees and forests. If you’re a Metal Head, crank up the color and customize your new Built-In Refrigerator with custom Painted Metal Panels that match your Kitchen Cabinets. Metal Panels will work with all three models of Built-In Refrigerators, including Framed, Overlay, and Flush Inset applications. See the great example below from St. Charles Cabinetary showing off a White Metal Panels that match the cabinets and the other Kitchen Appliances.

Chalkboard: Yes, you can use Chalkboard for the Custom Kitchen Panels of your new Built-In Refrigerator. Sure, Chalkboard Refrigerator Panels are not for everyone, but they can be fun and helpful at the same time. If you’re a parent that has kids that love to color, Chalkboard Panels for your Refrigerator a fun option. The Panels allows the kids to color and draw pictures right on the front of the ice box for everyone to enjoy. Need to leave a note or add items to your grocery list? The Chalkboard on the Refrigerator is a great place to catch the attention of your family members or write something down that you’ll need to remember. Not to mention, Chalkboard Panels are finger print free, smudge resistant, and will allow all of your Fridge magnets to stick. Fit your Chalkboard Panels directly into a Framed Refrigerator or lay the Chalkboard Panels directly into your Wood Panels and you’ve created a neat and fun way for your family to enjoy your new Built-In Refrigerator. See this great example from This Old House calling out Dinner time and showing off family photos.

Corkboard: Last but not least, Corkboard. Of the four mentioned in this post, Corkboard is probably the least likely option that you’ll see in today’s kitchens. However, it is still an application that can provide solutions and make the front of your Fridge more useful than before. With a Corkboard Panel you can turn your Fridge into the main message center of your entire house. Whether it’s the family bills, the kids homework, or the to-do list, having Corkboard may be quirky but it can come in handy. Much like the application above for Chalkboard you can certainly add Corkboard to a Framed Model and lay the Corkboard within a Custom Wood Panel for an Overlay or Flush Inset Application. Corkboard is just another creative, yet useful, option that you can use for the front of your Fridge. See this great example from Country Living that shows pictures, recipes, receipts, and other items.

Whatever your taste or type of Kitchen that you have at home, when it comes time to add panels to your new Built-In Refrigerator you have options. From Custom Wood Panels to Painted Metal Panels, to Chalkboard or Corkboard, find the medium that fits your function and fashion for your Fridge. What type of Panels would you put on your Fridge? Did you find any of these options an application that you would enjoy?

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