Top-Rated Recipes and Turkey Tips for your Thanksgiving Day Celebration

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Another Thanksgiving day celebration is upon us! It’s a time to be thankful and enjoy great food, fun, and family time with loved ones. But as we all know, hosting and preparing a Thanksgiving day celebration for your family and friends is no easy task. Whether you host the holiday every year, or perhaps you’ve never hosted and this is your first time having everyone over, it can sometimes be stressful situation. But don’t let the holiday hoopla get the best of you before the day is here. Through preparation and planning you too can host a terrific Thanksgiving day event.  Here are some great turkey tips and top-rated recipes to help you pull off an incredible Thanksgiving.

World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey: Let’s start off with something simple, like the World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey recipe brought to you from the Food Network Magazine.

Giada’s Turkey With Herbes de Provence and Citrus: Feeling a little more confident than just preparing the World’s Simplest Turkey Recipe, try this Italian-style turkey roasted with lots of fresh herbs and a touch of citrus from Food Network Star Giada DeLaurentiis.

Enjoy Turkey Success: Achieve Holiday Success with help from Butterball and Reynolds Wrap with these great recipes and tips to set you on the path to success. Read on or use the provided phone numbers to call for simple solutions and answers to your questions. Plus, enter for your chance to Win a Free Holiday Dinner!

Frigidaire Top Turkey Tips: Take in top turkey tips from Frigidaire and talk turkey with Celebrity Jennifer Garner. Also, see recently submitted tips or share one of your own.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes: Now not everyone eats meat, so don’t forget your vegan and vegetarian friends. Try out these meat-free main dishes from Epicurious to please your guests with vegetarian standouts.

Thanksgiving 911: Can’t tell if your Turkey is done? Not sure how to carve your Turkey? All the answers to your questions are here in Thanksgiving 911 from Real Simple.

60 Best Thanksgiving Sides: Looking for side dishes to make to go along with your Turkey? Southern Living has an incredible listing of 60 of the Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes that leaves a little something for everyone from family favorites to tasty new creations.

16 New Twists On Thanksgiving Stuffing: What would Thanksgiving be without Stuffing? Here are some new and unique recipes for stuffing, dressing and even rice pilaf to try from Kitchen Daily.

Easy Thanksgiving Drink Recipes: Welcome your guests to your Thanksgiving Day Celebration with one of these easy to make drink recipes from Martha Stewart.

5 Wines to Get Buzzed On for Thanksgiving: Like to enjoy a good glass of wine with your meal? Here are 5 wine recommendations on Chow the state of California that you want to pair with your plate.

10 Festive Party Drinks: Drinks anyone? Mix up these fun and festive drinks for your family, friends, and guests to sip on during supper from Real Simple. Leave the keys at the door please.

Stunning Thanksgiving Desserts: You can’t have a Thanksgiving feast without dessert? Here are 15 Stunning Ideas For Cakes, Pies And Tarts from Kitchen Daily.

Making Perfect Pies: Be it Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, or Pecan, here is a complete guide to pie baking, plus recipes and essential equipment for your every need on Epicurious.

Thanksgiving Desserts: No matter who your guests are, everyone will make room for dessert. Especially when they look like this…

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving Leftovers!: Sure you’re going to have leftovers. You cooked enough food to feed a small army. Here’s some great tips on how to turn those cold leftovers into something new from Country Living.

We hope that you found these recipes and turkey tips helpful in preparing for your Thanksgiving Day Celebration. Be sure to share these with your family or friends if you feel you’ve found one that could become a family tradition. Do you have any Thanksgiving favorites of your own? Share them with us here so that all of our readers can try your recipe out as well. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving everyone!


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