4 Appliance Cleaning Tips to Make a Habit of in the Year Ahead

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]With the New Year, comes the opportunity to create new habits for you in your home. How often to you clean out the lint filter in your dryer? How often do you clean the coils on the back of your refrigerator? Did you know that a dishwasher doesn’t clean itself? These are all important tasks and to do’s that if don’t already take care of, you should think about making them a habit in the year ahead.

Only You Can Prevent Dryer Fires: Mark this one down as #1 on your list – Clean your dryer’s lint filter after each use. Don’t have the motivation? Lint is highly flammable, and its heavy buildup can contribute to clothes dryer fire. Convinced yet? Hope so. Also, not only will this improve your dryer’s efficiency but it will help your clothes to dry faster. In the event that you haven’t cleaned your lint trap on a regular basis before, try a lint brush or vacuum attachment to remove accumulated lint from under the lint trap and other accessible places on a periodic basis.

Don’t forget the Dryer Vent: Now that you know to clean out the lint trap after each use, don’t forget about the dryer vent. Very few people think it is necessary to clean the dryer vent, yet it is. Does your dryer take an inordinately long period of time to dry to dry your clothes? Or do your clothes sometimes come out hotter than usual? This can be attributed to a clogged dryer vent. Make an effort to regularly disconnect, clean and inspect the dryer duct run.  If you are unable to disconnect the vent yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional company to clean the dryer duct. You’ll be making a smart investment to reduce the risk of a hazard, while increasing your dryer’s efficiency and increasing its lifespan.

Clean the Coils behind the Icebox: Aside from your washer and dryer, your refrigerator is your most used appliance in your home. To help your refrigerator run at its optimal efficiency, you need to make sure that its coils are clean. Coils, what coils? The coils are on the back of the refrigeration unit. If you’ve never seen them before or never cleaned your coils, slide out your refrigerator and give it a look. The coils trap dust and hair back there behind the fridge, and when things cling to the coils, it reduces your refrigerator’s ability to run at its peak performance level, thus using more electricity than it should. To clean the coils, unplug the unit and use the vacuum cleaner with brush attachment to remove any accumulated dust, hair, debris. If there is still remaining dirt or grime, use warm water and sponge to gently remove anything else. If you have pets, clean the coils more often and more frequently.

Dishwashers need a Cleaning too: Believe it or not, yes, your dishwasher does need to be cleaned from time to time. Most of us don’t think about cleaning the dishwasher because shouldn’t the dishwasher get cleaner with every cycle? Unfortunately, debris and deposits build up over time, and some of them reduce the performance of the dishwasher. The main areas you need to address on your dishwasher include: the dishwasher arms, under the door, around the door and gasket, and around the drain. Give all of these areas a thorough cleaning using some essential products and tools you may have lying around the house like Distilled white vinegar, Baking Soda, soft cleaning rags, old Toothbrush, and some good ‘ole trusty Stainless steel or multipurpose cleaner. The more clean you keep your dishwasher, the cleaner your dishes will come out. Not to mention your dishwasher will smell fresher too.

These helpful cleaning tips are important habits to add to your task list for around your home. Remember, clean the lint trap after every use, don’t forget about the dryer vent, keep the coils clean behind the icebox, and dishwashers need a cleaning too. Hope that you found these four Appliance cleaning tips helpful and ones that you will add to your home cleaning routine. Have any helpful tips that you can share of how you keep your Appliances clean? Feel free to share here in the comments section or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

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