Smart Appliances Steal the Show at CES 2012

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Were you one of the lucky ones that was able to attend this years Consumer Electronics Show? If so, you got a treat getting to see the latest innovation and technology put forth from top appliance manufacturers into new and exciting Smart Appliances. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what 3 top brands brought to the show and presented to the masses at CES 2012.

Whirlpool Corporation: The Whirlpool Corporation continued to show that they are a leader in appliance innovation at CES as they introduced new Smart Laundry Appliances. The smart washing machine featured in the video below can be connected to your network at home and activated through a Whirlpool application on a device like an iPad or iPhone. The concept is ingenious and the idea allows for more freedom not having to run back and check on your laundry. Simply toss your laundry in the washing machine, and when you are ready to start the cycle you have the ability to activate the machine directly from your phone. Perfect example, you can put your clothes in the washer in the morning, head off to work, and start the wash load on your way home from the office. By the time you get home, your clothes will be clean and ready for the dyer. The Whirlpool app will also let you know if there are any problems with the washing machine or dryer, and help set up a repair appointment. Click on the  image below to see the Whirlpool smart washer and learn more about it’s cool features.

Samsung Electronics: Samsung Electronics won 30 Innovation Awards at this years CES show, including an award for a LCD-panel app-fridge and an Eco-Design award for the first over-the-range microwave with an LED lamp. Samsung continues to push boundaries and test out new ideas through design and innovation in their products. At the CES show, one of the hot products seen was the RF4289, an LCD refrigerator designed to be the first fridge with kitchen-relevant apps on a WiFi-enabled 8-inch LCD touchscreen. This is a highly stylish refrigerator equipped with several convenient features, including having this smart tablet built right into the refrigerator. Everything that you can access/do from your very own tablet and or computer, you can do on the LCD touchscreen, plus more. From checking your Twitter feed, to seeing what they weather is going to be like for the day, you can do that and more like access recipe collections on Epicurious, leave notes for family/friends, review the family’s Google Calendar, listen to streaming music via Pandora, even run a photo slide show via Picasa. To learn more and see more, view the video below.

LG Electronics: LG Electronics showcased its new line of smart home appliances at CES this year, which included refrigerators, ovens and washer/dryers. Each of which are is wi-fi enabled and designed to sync to a homeowner’s LG phone with custom updates and features via LG’s Smart ThinQ technology. LG managed to take home a total of 10 awards at CES, further solidifying their position as a leader in developing cutting-edge products. You have to watch this incredible video below, shot at CES, which shows the entire presentation of the LG SmartThinQ Appliances in action. See how the LG Smart Manager system works informing you of when your food is about to expire, learn about he Smart Shopping App which lets you refer to your grocery list from your fridge on your phone, and watch as a recipe is sent directly from the Smart fridge over to the Smart oven allowing the oven to pre-heat and prepare itself for the meal ahead. Some truly amazing innovation and cool technology that will be coming our way from LG in the near future.

What was the highlight for you this year at the CES Show? Did you find the above mentioned Smart Appliances as interesting and innovative as we did? It looks like Appliances are only going to be getting better and better with such amazing innovation, ideas, and technological advances. If you had a key highlight from this years CES Show and wanted to share, leave us a comment below, tweet us on Twitter: @PlassAppliance, or mention it to us on Facebook at

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