4 Great Resources to Help you Pick the Right Range Hood

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Picking the right Range Hood for your home and kitchen is just as important as the selection of the cooking equipment. Range Hoods work to increase indoor air quality by removing cooking contaminants before they mix with the rest of the air in the home. Without the right Range Hood, you and your family members are more susceptible to breathing in hazardous gases and contaminants, and your house is more susceptible to retaining odors. It is very important to take the time to do your research and figure out what type of Range Hood you need for the cooking equipment you currently own. Whether you’re in the market for a new Range Hood, or will be in the future, we’ve compiled a great list of 4 invaluable resources to help you pick the right Range Hood for your home.

~How to Choose Ventilation with Vent-A-Hood~

The Vent-A-Hood company has been specializing and focused on home ventilation for the past 75 years. Visit their website, www.ventahood.com, to take advantage of the tools available to help you choose the right Range Hood. Start with the How To Choose section, where you can become familiar with the three main components of ventilation, (the Hood Canopy, Blower System, and Ducting) and better understand just how good ventilation is achieved. Give a read to How to Choose the Right Ventilation System which will best help focus your search and determine the appropriate Range Hood and system for your home by walking you through important questions to address and ask yourself. Once you chosen the right system, you can Build your own Hood using the Vent-A-Hood Range Hood Builder and select your style, features, finish, and blower that fit your needs. Upon completion, congratulations, you’ve created your very own Range Hood fit for your

~Find your First Range Hood with Faber~

Faber Range Hoods, the First Italian Range Hood Company, has been producing high quality Range Hoods for over 50 years. Upon arriving at the Faber website, www.faberonline.com, locate the Choose a Range Hood button in the top right hand corner. This is a great tool to help you get started on selecting your Range Hood by allowing you to narrow down your choices by location, performance, color, and width. Once you filtered your selection based on your preference, you’ll be able to select the Range Hood that best fits your needs, situation, style, and size. Visit and view the many collections of Range Hoods on the Faber site which will also help you gain ideas as to your likes and dislikes. If you have more questions, drop by the FAQ section to find valuable information and answers For OwnersComponents and to learn more About Faber.

~Let Air King assist with your Ventilation Options~

For over 40 years Air King has been in business and built up a reputation for manufacturing Quality ventilation products at a good value. Air King offers several ventilation solutions for your Range Hood needs and provides helpful comparison charts that allow you to compare the available options, model to model, in order to best see which Range Hood is right for you. Not sure of some of the language used with regards to Range Hoods, visit the extensive Index of Terms to better understand every possible word associated with Range Hoods and Ventilation. Lastly, drop by the Air King FAQ section as well where they have put together a great list of possible questions that may come up as you go through the selection process of picking out your next Range Hood.

~Visualize the right Range Hood with Best~

Best Range Hoods was founded in 1987 and has been producing quality Range Hoods steeped in striking, yet simple Italian design. You’ll find several tools to test and try out on http://www.bestrangehoods.com, including the Best Range Visualizer. The Visualizer, pictured above, allows you to upload a picture of your kitchen, choose a Range Hood  from the Best Concepts Gallery, then build and view the concept as it would appear in your kitchen. Great tool to eliminate the guess-work of how will the Range Hood look in the kitchen, when you can see for yourself and test out different models, styles, and finishes before making your purchase. Read the Tips for Successful Operation section which provides helpful information to help you best determine Range Hood sizing, coverage needed, and proper unit dimensions. Due check out Design Resource section which provides all of the installation instructions and model specifications to make the job easier. Lastly, have a questions, find the answer in the FAQ section.

The range hood has become a standard in almost every kitchen in America. Due to the wide variety of kitchen configurations and cooking equipment, it is important to take the time to choose the appropriate Ventilation product to fit your needs. Hope that you found this post as a great guide and resource to help you pick the right Range Hood for your home and kitchen. If you’ve found this article valuable, please share it with your friends, family, and anyone you know in the market for a new Range Hood.

Have any other tips, tools, or comments that you’d like to share? Do so below in the comments section. We always appreciate feedback!

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