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3 Great Grills for the BBQ Beginner

Are you a barbecue beginner that’s looking to purchase your first grill? Here are 3 great grills that are affordable and will do a great job getting the grilling done right.

Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill: The One Touch is the one Grill for beginner barbecuers that love that charcoal grill flavor. Weber makes two versions of the One Touch Charcoal Grills, Silver and Gold. The Silver comes in two sizes, at 18.5″ and 22.5″, while the Gold only comes in 18.5″ Kettle depth. What does One Touch stand for? Cleaning. The One Touch models allow for easy charcoal clean-up with their built-in aluminum steel charcoal trays. If like to put a lot on the grill all at once, you’ll find the wide-open grill space on the One Touch convenient and useful. Durable is a good word to describe this grill as it boasts steel cooking grates and steel coated porcelian-enamel grill bowl. The One Touch Silver models start at around $69 and the One Touch Gold Grill models go for up to $129.

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