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4 Helpful Smartphone Apps to Use around the House


Need help around the house? There’s an App for that! With many of us having Smartphones developers have come up with creative and helpful applications to simplify tasks and make things easier around the house. Here are 4 fantastic Smartphone Apps that you should download to help around the house.

Dryer Bro: Dryer Bro is new iPhone App that just recently launched that eliminates waiting in line to do your laundry. This cool new App lets those that you know when your laundry is done. Be it your Bro’s, your room-mates, your family members, or whomever, simply set your phone on the dryer, start the dryer, then start the App. Dryer Bro works by using the accelerometer in your phone to sense vibration. When the dryer stops vibrating the App detects your laundry is done and fires off a text, email, or makes phone call to the next in line to do laundry. This very cool and time-saving Application is worth a try and a download on your phone. Dryer Bro is a Free App that is available in the App Store.

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