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6 Great Tips to Help Clean Up your Home Appliances

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Each and everyday our Appliances encounter alot of hands. Your dishwasher gets loaded with dinner’s dishes, the fridge gets filled with tonight’s leftovers, and the microwave may get messy from that late night snack. Dirty or not your Appliances work hard and get the job done for everyone in your family. They may not always get the proper cleaning they deserve, but when it comes time, here are 6 great tips to help clean up your Home Appliances.

Dishwasher: Don’t let hard water deposits or food stains destroy the inside of your dishwasher. Instead knock out those deposits and send those stains away using items you have in your very own home and pantry, like lemonade drink mix, lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, or even everyone’s favorite drink Tang. Simply add one of the following items to your dishwasher detergent cup, and run a light/short cycle. The acid will attack the hard water deposits and food stains and remove them from within the inside of your dishwasher, making your tub look as good as new. Continue reading

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