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3 Appliance Brands you Should be Viewing on YouTube

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Video-Sharing website YouTube, right? You know the site where you watch those funny clips, or music videos, or even sports highlights. Well did you know that YouTube is also the home to several Appliance Manufacturers? That’s true, and they are using the Social Site as a marketing and educating tool for you to learn more about their brand, products, and company. Here are 3 Appliance Manufacturers that you should be tuning into on YouTube: Dacor Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, and GE Appliances.

Dacor Appliances: Visit and view the Dacor Appliances You Tube Channel and you’ll learn plenty about the quality and craftsmanship of Dacor Appliances. From Duel-Fuel Ranges to Dishwashers, Dacor provides resourceful and educational videos on their Appliances that walk you through the features and benefits of each. Continue reading

3 Great Grills for the BBQ Beginner

Are you a barbecue beginner that’s looking to purchase your first grill? Here are 3 great grills that are affordable and will do a great job getting the grilling done right.

Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill: The One Touch is the one Grill for beginner barbecuers that love that charcoal grill flavor. Weber makes two versions of the One Touch Charcoal Grills, Silver and Gold. The Silver comes in two sizes, at 18.5″ and 22.5″, while the Gold only comes in 18.5″ Kettle depth. What does One Touch stand for? Cleaning. The One Touch models allow for easy charcoal clean-up with their built-in aluminum steel charcoal trays. If like to put a lot on the grill all at once, you’ll find the wide-open grill space on the One Touch convenient and useful. Durable is a good word to describe this grill as it boasts steel cooking grates and steel coated porcelian-enamel grill bowl. The One Touch Silver models start at around $69 and the One Touch Gold Grill models go for up to $129.

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In The Wash: The 3 Biggest Stories You May Have Missed This Week in April

Welcome to another edition of In The Wash, where we feature the 3 biggest stories you may have missed this past week. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the Appliance. Electronics, and Furniture Industry this week. Top stories that really stood out and are featured this week include: Sharp launching a 70-inch LCD, Kitchen Aid earns Brand of the Year, and launching a re-designed website.

Sharp officially launched sales of their 70-inch class Quattron Full HD 1080p LCD TV

This week was a big week for Sharp Electronics as they launched sales of their first 70-inch LCD TV. This is the largest LCD TV of its kind that Sharp has ever launched. This new 70-inch model is currently being delivered to select retailers with plans for larger distribution in the coming weeks of April and May. So what’s the price tag on this monster?  Continue reading

5 Fantastic Food Sites Serving Up Tasty Recipes

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Do you love to cook? Are you a fan of food? Do you find yourself constantly looking for new recipes to test and try? Well this post is for you foodie friends! Here are 5 Fantastic Food Sites Serving up Tasty Recipes that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

Cookstr is a New Cooking Site dedicated to providing users with great recipes from some the best chefs and cookbook authors. Cookstr features thousands of tasty recipes for you to print, download, and save. Check out the Chef’s profile pages which feature specific information about top chefs, their restaurants, and some of their new recipes. Be sure to sign-up for the Cookstr 10, a Free Newsletter that delivers 10 mouth-watering recipes right to your inbox. Continue reading

Plass Cares with 2% Cash Rebate Program

Attention all organizations, pay attention, this Program is for you! We at Plass are proud to announce a special program designed just for you to get the Appliances that you’re looking for, plus a bonus donation for your organization. Introducing the Plass Cares 2% Cash Rebate Program. The Program is very simple. Every time you or one of your members of your organization makes a purchase at Plass Appliance & Furniture and takes delivery of the merchandise, we will send your organization a donation equal to up to 2% of the purchase price of the merchandise.

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