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Smart Appliances Steal the Show at CES 2012

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]Were you one of the lucky ones that was able to attend this years Consumer Electronics Show? If so, you got a treat getting to see the latest innovation and technology put forth from top appliance manufacturers into new and exciting Smart Appliances. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what 3 top brands brought to the show and presented to the masses at CES 2012.

Whirlpool Corporation: The Whirlpool Corporation continued to show that they are a leader in appliance innovation at CES as they introduced new Smart Laundry Appliances. The smart washing machine featured in the video below can be connected to your network at home and activated through a Whirlpool application on a device like an iPad or iPhone. The concept is ingenious and the idea allows for more freedom not having to run back and check on your laundry. Simply toss your laundry in the washing machine, and when you are ready to start the cycle you have the ability to activate the machine directly from your phone. Perfect example, you can put your clothes in the washer in the morning, head off to work, and start the wash load on your way home from the office. By the time you get home, your clothes will be clean and ready for the dyer. The Whirlpool app will also let you know if there are any problems with the washing machine or dryer, and help set up a repair appointment. Click on the  image below to see the Whirlpool smart washer and learn more about it’s cool features.

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4 Unique Panel Options for your New Built-In Refrigerator

[tweetmeme source=”plassappliance”]So you’ve purchased a brand new Built-In Refrigerator and are looking to add your own Panels. Here are 4 unique Panel options for your brand new Built-In.

Custom Wood: Custom Wood Panels are by far the most popular panel choice when it comes to choosing to add panels to a built-in. Creating custom panels to match your cabinets gives your kitchen a seemless and clean  look. Given the specifications provided by the appliance manufacturer, your cabinet-maker can simply create custom panels that match your cabinet design and look. Take note that there are three different types of Refrigerator models that accept Custom Wood Panels; Framed, Overlay, and Flush Inset. Each provides a different look and feel which you’ll need to notate to your cabinet-maker in order for them to create panels the right size and shape. Framed models accept wood panels that will sit inside of the exterior stainless steel frame of the Refrigerator unit. Overlay panels adhere to the doors of the Refrigerator and will cover the entire front of the Refrigerator matching your cabinets. Flush Inset Panels will also adhere to the doors of the Refrigerator however the look of the panels will allow Refrigerator to hide amongst the cabinets creating a kitchen where the Refrigerator is undetectable. Once you figure out which front custom panels you need for your new Built-In work with your cabinet-maker and be sure to provide all specifications. Custom wood panels add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen and are certainly a nice touch to consider for your new Built-In Refrigerator. See the example below of a Framed Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerator featuring Custom Wood Panels that match the Kitchen Cabinets.

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Samsung Offers More with Four Doors

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Have you seen the new Samsung French Door Four Door Refrigerator? If not, here it is, check it out. This is the latest Fridge from Samsung designed with everyone in mind!

This Fridge features a unique and cutting edge design. The first of it’s kind to add a counter height refrigeration drawer. The drawer features four adjustable temperature settings that adjust to your cooling needs. From wine party dishes, to deli snacks, cold drinks, or meat/fish the adjustable temperature settings allow you to optimize the temperature of the drawer to what you are storing. Read more…

Undercounter Refrigeration Options for your Kitchen

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When it comes time to plan your new kitchen or the remodel of your existing kitchen, consider undercounter refrigeration as a part of your plans and designs. From undercounter refrigerators, to wine coolers, and ice makers, there some great options to consider adding to your plans that offer style, convenience, and luxury. Here we will outline and detail the benefits and features of undercounter refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers in order for you to make a more educated appliance purchase decision.

Undercounter Refrigerators: An undercounter refrigerator is simply a small refrigerator that fits underneath your counter top and functions just as a regular refrigerator. It gives you the added convenience of additional refrigerated storage to store your favorite fruits, vegetables, and beverages. Undercounter refrigerators, also know as beverage centers, come in two main sizes, 15″ and a standard size of 24″. Of the two sizes, the 24″ model is the more common application for most kitchens and bar settings in that the width of the unit is the same size as a standard cabinet. That means that adding a 24″ undercounter refrigerator to your kitchen design plans is an easy replacement for a standard cabinet. Undercounter refrigerators come in 3 main styles including standard solid door, glass door, and a two drawer model. The standard solid door is available in your traditional white, black, and stainless. Unique undercounter options include custom colors, panel ready, and overlay. Not familiar with panel ready or overlay? These are applications that allow you to place your cabinet would panel faces on the front of your refrigeration unit. Why would you want to do this? This is a popular and trendy look that allows a synonymous look of cabinets throughout your kitchen. This application hides your undercounter unit allowing it to appear as a cabinet. In adding a panel to your refrigerator you also then have the option to add your own handle to your unit. Handles can be matched to the existing hardware on your cabinets, you can add your own handle, or you can purchase a handle from most manufacturers to match the handles of your other appliances in your kitchen. Some manufacturers make undercounter models that have glass doors. The glass models are nice in that they allow you to see your beverages and food items directly. Glass models commonly feature either clear glass or tinted glass, and some do have panel options from some manufacturers. The two drawer option offers two separate refrigerated drawers. Each drawer is controlled by its own thermostat with its own temperature setting. This option really allows you to separate your food from your beverages. The same front panel options exist for the two drawer model similar to the standard unit, including white, black, stainless, glass, panel ready, and overlay.



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